Lizi Hamer, Creative Director

Working with James is a real pleasure, where no challenge is too much. His team consistently deliver above and beyond the brief. No job is too simple to be crafted well.

Jerome Gaslain, Senior Art Director

James did an outstanding job on the TVC project we worked on together. He delivered on time and with great expertise from an awesome team. After that first experience, it was a no brainer for me to choose James to work on a print campaign and again, I was impressed by the quality of the work.
On top of being a real pro, James is also a great guy to be around.

Paul Hayes, General Management and Operations

I have engaged James numerous times and trust him as a valued contact.
He understands the agency/client relationship and the challenges that it can present, he is aware of his place within that relationship and always conducts business professionally and to a consistently high level.
What I find unique about him is that he realizes everyone works to slightly different practices and standards. He adjusts accordingly, putting up with my “leave nothing to chance approach!” While adding value where possible, he has always gone the extra mile for me. It’s these qualities and mindset that set James, along with a couple of others, apart from the rest of the pack.