James Whitehill is a director based in London.

James ran a successful commercials production company for over six years in Sydney, Australia – producing high-end spots for PayPal, Telstra, Gloria Jeans and even a $1million print campaign for Tourism Australia via BBDO. This experience allowed James to show his flair for capturing earnest performances, with an eye for creating honest environments.

Since moving to London, he’s established himself as a fantastic go-getter, going straight into shooting his first feature film ‘THE 12’ which recently sold at the American Film Market in a worldwide distribution deal. His filmmaking has been described as having “real heart and an appreciation for sensitive storylines.”

James is being sought after as a director for branded content and commercials in the UK after developing an appealing style that sits across lifestyle, comedy, and travel.

UK + 44 7470 443 909     hello@jameswhitehill.tv